10 Beautiful Beach Scenes

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Well, summer is finally upon us and what better way to celebrate the summer months than spending time at the beach. There is nothing like the feel of wet sand under your feet, the misty spray of crashing waves on the beach and basking in the sunshine. We at Landscape Photography Shop love the beach and especially Beach Scenes. That’s why we have so many great Triptych Photographs of Beach Scenes and Seascapes. Our 3 panel triptych wall art photos bring the splendor of the beach alive in your home. This way you can enjoy beach scenes year round. We plan on spending as much time as possible at the beach this summer, but what is it that make the beach so special to us? We have put together Our 10 favorite things about the beach along with 10 great beach scenes as 3 panel triptych photographs.

Boat In The Sunrise Triptych

Boat In The Sunrise 3 panel Photographic Print


#10: Comfort Zone

Being at the beach is the time to dress in whatever clothes are most comfortable. Sweatshirt and shorts in the morning for a nice walk on the beach and bathing suit with teeshirt the rest of the day. Shoes are always optional at the beach, its flip flops and bare feet always.

Grotto on the Beach Triptych

Grotto On The Beach Triptych Photo


#9 Enjoy being Outdoors

One of the best things at the beach is getting to spend so much time outside. Whether you like fishing on a pier or surf fishing, dolphin or whale watching, bird watching or any of the other wildlife that lives at the beach, getting in touch with nature and your surroundings is a great bonus of being at the beach.

Ashore In Hawaii Triptych

Ashore In Hawaii Triptych Beach Photos


#8: Slow Down

When you are used to the hustle and bustle of a working life, it might take a few days to unwind and slow down. When you do get in the slow zone, life is good. You’re able to live in the moment and enjoy all the special people in your life and each and every moment. Sloooow down and live in the moment!

On The Rocks Triptych

On The Rock Triptych Photograph


#7: Sun and Fun

If you are at all like me, when you are at the beach, you are on the beach all day. Weather you are laying on the tanning lotion and sun bathing, body surfing and playing in the surf or maybe beach volleyball, I love playing and laying in the sun all day. There is something special about soaking up the sun at the beach for a week that just gives you a healthy glow. Whether it be a full tan or just a healthy disposition, sun at the beach is magic.

The Wave Triptych

The Wave 3 Panel Triptych Wall Art


#6: Sand, Sand, Sand

We just love digging in the sand with the kids. Whether it’s building the perfect sand castle or trying to dig your way to China, we can spend the whole day playing in the sand.

Fishing at Sunset Triptych

Fishing At Sunset Triptych Wall Art


#5: Seaside Strolls

One of our favorite activities is to take long walks on the beach. We will go for walks 3 or 4 times a day when we are at the beach. A nice walk at sunrise when it’s nice and quite on the beach. We just love seeing what the sea has washed up on to the shore over night. A nice walk in the afternoon to break up the days activities and see old friends. A walk at dusk to enjoy the beautiful colors of a beach sunset and a walk on the beach at night to enjoy the sounds of waves crashing on the shore and a million stars in the sky.

Corsica Sunset Triptych

Corsica Sunset Triptych Wall Art


#4: Crank it Up

Its party time so crank up the jams. At the end of the day when we are cooking up dinner and drinking wine, its time to turn up the tunes and party.

Bottle of Wine Triptych

Bottle Of Wine Still Life Triptych Photos


#3: Food and Wine

We love to eat at the beach. I just love cooking a big meals and barbecuing at the beach. Weather its steamed crabs and shrimps or cooking hot-dogs and hamburgers on the grill, there’s nothing better than a big meal with a glass of wine at the end of a day at the beach.

Oahu Palms Triptych

Oahu Palms Triptych Beach Scene Photo


#2: Chillin

One of the best things about the beach is you have nothing to do but relax. Sit back, do nothing, chill out.

Waves at Sunset Triptych

Waves At Sunset Photo Wall Art


#1: Sunrise and Sunset:

I try to make a point of enjoying every sunrise and sunset while I’m at the beach. Even if I want to get extra sleep, I will get up for the sunrise then go back to sleep. Sunsets are the best at the beach. It’s a time to spend arm and arm with the one you love and enjoy the beauty of nature. It’s as if nature created the perfect painting for your enjoyment each and every night. What a great way to wrap up a perfect day.

10 Beautiful Beach Scenes

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