3 Components of Great Landscape Photography

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Landscape photography’s 3 Key components.

There are three main components that make great Landscape Photography or wall art. These three components are crucial to any great photograph. These three components are a great subject, great lighting and great composition. These three components are essential to Landscape Photography or any great photo and must all be equally represented. We have all heard the expression (A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link) and so is true of all great Landscape Photography or work of art for that matter. Having all three components is crucial to your photograph. If the subject is weak, it won’t matter how well lit it is or what the composition is. The subject must be strong with dramatic lighting and the overall composition must come together to tell the story.

For all Landscape Photographers, especially ones shooting in Black and White when’re you are not relying on color to engage the viewer, you must always find strong subjects to shoot. Your subjects don’t have to all be dramatic, but they must be interesting. Whether it’s a stunning mountain range or a quiet wooded stream, you must find the best angle to shoot from and this can take some time and exploration.

Finding an interesting landscape and the best angle to shoot it from is one element, then you must find the time of day that provides the most interesting light for your subject. How does the lighting contribute to the composition? Are you able to tell a story? Are you conveying emotion to your viewer? If not, what lighting would help convey this emotion or tell the story . These are components and questions that all great Landscape Photographs and Photographers convey through their work.

Putting these pieces together to compose a solid work of art is a great challenge, but the reward is great as well.

3 Components of Great Landscape Photography

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