3 Panel Triptych Wall Art

The 3 Panel Triptych has been around for a long time. The word Triptych is from the break and means three-fold. 3 panel triptych art first became popular in the middle ages as a form of Christian art. The 3 panel art form decorated the altars of Christian churches around the globe as three panel paintings, metal work and decorated wood. Many famous Roman Catholic churches still have them decorating the altar to this day.

Autumn TreesThe 3 panel Triptych display method is still frequently used in art today, not so much in churches, but in painting and photography. Triptych displays are popular in commercial art, landscape photography, nature photography and fine art photography.

The 3 panels are not usually tied together or hinged but arranged together with a small space separating them. There is no set rule for the size of the panels. They can be of the same size or they can all be different sizes. Likewise there is no set rule on subject matter or whether the display is one large picture broken into three panels or three different photos making one theme.
Venetian Cafes at Night Triptych
The 3 panel triptych display form works well with photos and paintings in that it tends to relax the subject of the piece and blend in with the background more than a single piece of large wall art. That’s why displaying Art as a 3 panel Triptych is becoming more popular in interior decorating and as home decor.

We at Landscape Photography Shop believe the the 3 panel triptych is the best way to display our large photographic wall art. We believe they look elegant and stylish and can add life to any room.

3 panel Triptych Wall Art


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