Affordable Wall Art

Choosing wall art for your home or office should be an enjoyable task but too often it becomes a long drawn out nightmare.

We all have different taste in art and home decor, but sometimes narrowing our taste down to meet the needs of a particular room is difficult. Art comes in many shapes, sizes, colors and mediums. Finding something you like that stylistically meets you criteria is one task. Finding a piece of wall art that meets your criteria and you can afford is another task. Here are a few ideas to help you find what you want at a price you can live with.

Affordable wall art doesn’t mean you have to lower your standards or buy something cheap. There are many examples of affordable wall art in a range of sizes, colors and mediums available.

One approach to buying affordable wall art is to pick a budget for the project at hand. Know how much you want to spend. This way you can spend more on say a focal piece in your room and then maybe spend less on accent pieces or supplies for a DIY piece.

Another approach is to go to local art fairs and exhibitions. You will be amazed at the talent in your area. You can meet artist directly and often even work out a price for a piece you like. Artists are trying to make a living and if you ask them directly, you will often find their prices are negotiable. Find an artist that you like and tell them you are working on a budget. Often times artists are happy to work with you to find some pieces that will meet your needs.

Another source of affordable wall art is your local art museum. I just happen to live in the Washington D.C. area and the National gallery of art has amazing prints of the masters at very reasonable prices. You could get a large print of a Van Gogh or Picasso for a very good price. Most often you will have to have the print mounted and framed but these are great high quality prints.

Here at Landscape Photography Shop we sell large photographic prints as 3 panel triptych displays. The beauty to photography is that it comes in all shapes, colors, sizes and subjects. There is something for everyone and our prices are very affordable. We think that the 3 panel triptych display is best for landscape photography, nature photography, seascapes, cityscapes and beach scenes. Our photographs handsomely decorate any room in an elegant manner. Please have a look around and see for your self.

All photographic prints are displayed by themselves as well as in a room setting.

Thanks and Enjoy, Landscape Photography Shop.

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