Beach Scene Pictures

Ashore In HawaiiOf all the photos I enjoy looking at, the ones that make me feel the best are Beach Scene Pictures. I think it is because of my long love affair with the beach and my longing to rekindle that fire.

When I was a child, my family always went camping every year for our vacation. Nothing wrong with that, in fact I loved it! We would sleep in tents, go fishing and hiking everyday. As a boy whats not to like?

Adirondack MountainsEvery August we would drive to upstate New York and for two weeks we would camp in the Adirondack Park.
This was mixed with family visits in the region and daily hiking activities of various mountains.
I loved the woods! So much so that at one point I thought I wanted to be a forester. I still visit the Adirondack Park several times a year as my Father now calls it his home. It is full of beauty and splendor and always brings back fond memories of my childhood. I don’t go camping anymore and have no plans to start. My days of sleeping in a tent on the ground are over and retired. I do still love to hike and fish and will continue these activities as long as there is a comfortable bed at the end of the day.

There was one August that our family did not go to the Mountains. Instead, my folks rented a cottage on the Outer Banks of North Carolina at Hatteras Island. It was a house right on the beach and so close to the Hatteras light house that you could see it at all times. So began my love affair with the beach.

Cape-Hatteras-LighthouseI remember our first day at Cape Hatteras. My three brothers and I played on the beach all day, Swimming digging, running, all the things four boys normally do. We were from the city and never even thought about sunscreen. Consequently, I received the worst sunburn of my life! We couldn’t go outside without long sleeve shirts for the next few days. That didn’t stop us from having fun. We continued to play outside, went fishing and even took the ferry to Ocracoke Island. After a few days we were back in the water, body surfing and swimming all day. This time with properly applied sun screen. At the end of the day after all the usually beach fun, I would just sit and watch the sea. I was so mesmerized by the sea, I could just sit and watch it for hours. The Sea was so big and powerful and I remember feeling so insignificant, like a grain of sand on the beach. This wasn’t a bad feeling, just awe inspiring and humbling. In those moments, I always felt close to God.

I still feel the same way today. Whether I am at the beach or looking at a beach scene picture. I am struck by a feeling of great awe and humility. The great power and beauty the Sea possesses creates wonderment for me. I am reminded of my insignificance in the world and that life is a gift to be enjoyed every day. I feel close to God and that feels good.

Corsica Sunset Triptych

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Hard to believe that a simple beach scene photograph can do all that, but it does. Some day my wife and I will move to the beach and enjoy that wonderment every day. Until then, I’ll keep enjoying my beach scene pictures that reminds me of the beauty, power, grace and humility that waits for us at the beach.


Beach Scene Pictures