Black and White Landscape Photography

Moon Over the Brooklyn Bridge Triptych

What is it that makes Black and White Landscape Photography so intriguing? Is it that we are looking at a landscape scene in a simplified form? Is it that the lack of color helps us to focus on the complexities of shape and form in the landscape? There are many questions to explore.

Venice, Italy Black and White Triptych

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Landscape Photography’s earliest beginnings were all in Black and White because that was the medium available. Other than Hand-colored photographs and some early forms of color film, black and white or (Monochrome) was the main medium for photography until the mid-20th century.

Chess Set Triptych

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Photographers like Ansel Adams introduced a whole new world to people with his black and white nature photographs. The lack of color creates a world of wonderment. Your mind can not help but fill in the absent color or at the very least wonder about it.This makes black and white landscape photography that more intriguing.

With all the advances in photography over the years, from color film to digital cameras, to HD digital technology, Black and White Photography is still very popular amongst so many photographers. In Fine Art Photography where the artist’s intent in paramount, black and white is common place. Black and white’s ability to narrow the viewers focus on the topic of the photo is one strong reason for the use of black and white. The limited color helps the viewer concentrate more on the depth, texture and subject of the photo. The same is true for black and white Landscape Photography, ones eye focuses on the lines, shapes, patterns, textures and depth of the photograph which in many cases is the focal point of the piece instead of the colors.

Golden Gate Black and White

Black and White Photo prints have always been considered stylish and eloquent. From a decorating point of view, black and white prints go with any decor. They can bring the decor of any room together even if you are using multiple prints of varying topics, the commonality of the black and white prints will unite a room.


Black and White Landscape Photography

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