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New York City Skyline Pictures

I think at one time or another we have all dreamed of living in New York City. It might have been an ambitious dream of youth. It may have been a thought that frequented your mind every time you went to New York on business. Or, it might just have been something you have always […]

Nature Photography

Nature Photography is a term used for photography devoted to the outdoors and of natural occurring elements such as Landscapes, Plants, Animals and Insects. Photo views range from large panoramic views down to extreme macro closeups. Nature Photography usually displays the beauty, color and depth of our natural surroundings and is less about conveying an […]

Apartment Interior Design Ideas

Living in a rental properly can have its design challenges. For one, you can’t change any structure or even paint. But just because you pay rent doesn’t mean you can’t make your apartment feel like your home and ad some individual style. Here are some Apartment Interior Design Ideas to think about. What’s your space […]

Beach Scene Pictures

Of all the photos I enjoy looking at, the ones that make me feel the best are Beach Scene Pictures. I think it is because of my long love affair with the beach and my longing to rekindle that fire. When I was a child, my family always went camping every year for our vacation. […]

Room Design Ideas – The Four Seasons

Whether it’s your first home or your seventh, decorating a new space can be overwhelming. You might have been thinking about moving into a new home for a long time but when it comes time to take action, the task can be monumental. Decorating an entire living space or even one room is a huge […]

Seascape Photography

As you might guess, I am a big fan of landscape Photography. But what you might not know is that my favorite sub genre of landscape photography has more to do with the Ocean. I love pictures of the ocean and beaches around the world. More specifically, I’m speaking of Seascape Photography. The beauty and […]

Landscape Photography

For as long as Man has been admiring the earths beauty and grace, he has been trying to capture it and replicate it. Whether it has been captured in a petroglyph or on a canvas with paint, Mans quest to recreate the beauty of the earth became realized to the masses with the introduction of […]

Bringing The Beach Home

I love the beach! So much so that my fiancé and I are getting married on a Hawaiian Beach at Sunset. Unfortunately this wedding trip will only last about two weeks and then we will be back to the suburbs of Washington DC with only pictures and memories. Now don’t get me wrong, the DC […]

Room Design Ideas – A Room With a View

I think that when decorating a home or coming up with Room Design Ideas, one of the biggest challenges is picking out wall art. Lets face it, most of us are not experts on art and choosing a piece can be quite daunting. There are so many styles to choose from not to mention colors. […]