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Nature Photography And All That It Encompasses

Nature photography alludes to an extensive variety of photography taken outside and dedicated to showing regular components, for example scenes, natural life, plants, and close-ups of common scenes and surfaces.

The Art Of Nature Photography

Nature photography seems to have grown in popularity as the rise in digital cameras has continued to grow. As the quality of these cameras get better, the photographs hitting the web have become more and more beautiful.

Black and White Landscape Photography

What is it that makes Black and White Landscape Photography so intriguing? Is it that we are looking at a landscape scene in a simplified form? Is it that the lack of color helps us to focus on the complexities of shape and form in the landscape? There are many questions to explore.

Antelope Canyon 3 Panel Triptych

Antelope Canyon has been the subject of countless photographers and publications. The most photographed section is located in the upper Antelope Canyon region. The upper canyon is easy to traverse as it is all at ground level. The sunlight pears through cracks in the canyon wall and paints its gorgeous red rock sandstone with colored light and shadows making for amazing pictures.