Children’s Bedroom Ideas

Decorating your children’s Bedroom should be a lot of fun. After all it is for a child. You want your child’s life to be fun, imaginative, carefree and safe, who doesn’t?
So when decorating children’s bedroom, think visual and fun.

In this article we are not discussing furniture because if you set the right theme any furniture will work. Spending a fortune on themed furniture is fine for some but, this article is taking a more practical approach and assumes you are using existing furniture.

One of the pluses to decorating a child’s bedroom is that it doesn’t and shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Your biggest expense should be the centerpiece of the theme you are trying to create for him or her. Spending a fortune on trademark Disney or Hello Kitty art and accessories for a child’s room will get very expensive very quickly. More than likely your child will out grow that theme in a year or so and all those expensive Disney goodies will end up in a yard sale.

So lets think of some basics:

Your Child’s room should be bright and cheery
The theme should be something that they won’t soon outgrow.
The Wall Art and acessories should be timeless, imaginative and inspiring.

Let’s start with the basic, Color. Now your 10 year old boy might say that black wall or camouflage is what he really want’s, but you know better. Stick to some nice bright white, beige, light blue or yellow but don’t go too dark. Now a camouflage room might make him popular with some other 10 year olds but this to shall pass. Work more with your art work and decor to set the theme.

Some theme ideas that will last are maybe sports, Nature, movies, Dance, science, geography, music, flowers, beaches, cars, Art, seascapes, cities, things that will be a part of your child’s life for a long time and can grow with them. With some minor changes you could keep any of these themes going for a long time.

The Wall Art and accessories you choose don’t have to be super expensive. You can buy simple photo posters for any of these themes. The latest and greatest sports figure, musician, flower, etc… Also vinyl wall art is really great, it’s inexpensive, easily removable and available in almost any theme. If you want to spend a little more you can get nice photo wall art in any theme. You can hang a collection of smaller framed theme based pictures or a larger 3 panel triptych photograph will easily takes up a larger wall. If your child is an artist maybe frame their best pieces or hang them in a collection. You can easily add and subtract your child’s latest and greatest piece of art. Maybe mix your child’s classics with some prints of the master’s classics. This can be uplifting and inspiring.

Choosing a theme that your child is interested in and can have fun with is a great way to personalize your child’s room. Hopefully you found these ideas useful and can apply them to your child’s room.


Children’s Bedroom Ideas

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