Corsica France Island of Beauty and History

Corsica France

Corsica France is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is located southeast of France and is actually closer to the Italian Island of Sardinia as well as the Italian mainland than France.

The island was under the rule of the Republic of Genoa until 1755 when Corsica gained its independence. Unfortunately this independence was short lived as France conquered Corsica in 1769. Interestingly perhaps the most famous of the French emperors, Napoléon Bonaparte was born the same year of 1769 in the capital of Corsica, Ajaccio.

Corsica France

Corsica remained under French rule until its fall to the German Wehrmacht in 1940. The French Vichy regime who were Nazi collaborators ruled Corsica until it was freed by Free French and Italian forces.

Corsica was heavily used by the US military through the end of World War II, as it was home to some 17 air fields. The airfields were used to for bombing runs to Italy till the wars end.

In May of 1958, French paratroopers took Corsica back for france in a bloodless invasion.

Corsicans still crave nationalism and talk of greater autonomy for the island and its culture, But to this day, the island of Corsica belongs to France.

Corsica Sunset Triptych

Corsica is an Island of great beauty. Corsica is the most mountainous island in the Mediterranean sea and has beautiful hills jetting up from the sea. The island of Corsica is also home to some 200 beaches. Its temperate climate makes for comfortable living with an average temperature of 80 degrees in the summer and 60 degrees in the winter. Corsica’s beautiful Scenery views and beach scenes make it ideal for tourism and is indeed one of its biggest industries in Corsica.

Corsica has not experienced as much development as other islands in the region and remains less spoiled. Corsica is indeed a must visit if you are ever in the region. With its beautiful mountains and gorgeous beaches, a Corsica Sunset is a must see for all.


Corsica France Island of Beauty and History


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