Empire State Building Pictures and Facts

Empire State Building Pictures are famous the world over. This is one building that both tourists and locales love. This iconic landmark is one of the most photographed buildings in the world. When you see Empire State Building Pictures you can’t help but think of the great city of New York. The Empire State Building is located at the intersection of 5th Avenue and West 34th Street in New York City. For four decades the Empire States Building stood as the world tallest building with 102 floors.

Empire Sate BuildingThe construction of the Empire State Building was completed in 1931; the building is managed by W&H Properties. The building houses 21,000 workers who all have the pleasure of admiring the spectacular views of New York City.

Fun Facts

This most beloved building that graces the NYC Skyline is set at the entrance of 5th Avenue which serves as a spectacular view. Upon entering the building, visitors are allowed to marvel at the marble hall. What is more interesting is the fact that the last thirty floors have been illuminated with different colors.

The colors used are representative of the current seasons celebrations.
The Empire States Building was designed, structured and constructed within a short time frame. The design (drawings) were completed within fourteen days. The Empire State Building only took 410 days (one year and forty-five days) to construct and finish the mammoth project.

In short, every seven days saw the completion of four and a half floors! President Hoover inaugurated the Empire State Building by turning on its lights from Washington D.C.

Empire State Building Movies

The Empire State Building serves as a pop culture icon. One that provides visitors with some of the most spectacular views of the world. You can find Empire State Building pictures on post cards, posters, wall art and of course in the movies. An estimated 280 movies have been filmed in The Empire States Building.

Over 150 million tourists have had the chance to visit the Empire States Building; people just love watching the New York Skyline from the building’s 102nd floor.

What many people fail to know is that the building was constructed when the country was in the middle of the Great Depression. The building only had 25% occupancy when it first opened. It soon accrued the nickname “Empty Empire State Building”.

Empire State Building construction

For nine long years (1931-1940) the building was not fully occupied. It remained under full occupancy until the early forties. When the economy began slowly growing back, so to did the occupancy level of the Empire State Building.

The building has super-fast elevators that ferry people from the ground floor to the 80th floor in just 45 seconds.

Empire States Building Height

There are a number of figures that are used to describe in detail the height of the Empire State Building. The entire height (total) is inclusive of the lightning rod, which is a total 1,454 feet.

The total height from the tip to the ground is set at 1,250 feet. The measurement from ground up to the 102 floor observatory area stands at 1,224 feet and finally from the ground up to the 86th floor observatory area stands at 1,050 feet.

Empire State Building

Costs to Construct The Empire State Building

Back then, the building cost a colossal sum of $24,718,000, this is however a figure that was around half of the expected cost due to the failure of the economy caused by the Great Depression. When we include the cost of the property on which the Empire States Building sits on, the entire costs was yet another staggering $40,948,900.

The building has a total number of 1,860 steps from the ground up to the 102 floor. The building houses a total sum of 6,500 windows.

Construction Figures

Official records state that the building took about 7,000,000 man hours to be constructed. During peak period it was estimated that a total of 3,400 workers worked on the building. Over 57,000 tons of steel were used in the construction of the steel skeleton.


It has been recorded that there are approximately 17 million feet of telephone wire which service the Empire State Building.


Empire State Building Pictures and Facts

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