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Fine Art Photography is about the artist’s vision. A fine art photographer tries to compose their creative vision through the medium of photographic images. The mandate is not to represent the subject of the photo in the best light but to have the subject best represent the message of the artist in the best light. In fine art photography the artist’s vision in paramount. A multitude of photographic techniques can be used in creating photographic fine art. Pre and post editing techniques are common place in fine art photography. Anything goes. This frees the artist to create whatever is in their minds eye.

Black and White Photography is often used in Fine Art Photography. This allows the artist to focus the viewers attention on the subject or meaning of the photo rather than the color ascetics of a photo. Black and White photography can be very expressive and help to amplify any emotions evoked from the image.

Landscape Photography as a fine art is an extremely challenging art form. To take great landscape photographs one needs to have an advanced skill set as well as professional equipment and a vision. Taking great landscape shots is by no means an easy process. A large number of variables must be addressed and then must occur. The site of the shoot must be found, the best view must be assessed, then the lighting, weather and timing must all come together at the right time in order to fulfill the photographers creative idea. Getting great landscape photographs take patience, practice and determination.

Often time the Fine Art landscape photographer will work in the Abstract or Impressionistic styles in order to convey their creative vision. The abstract and impressionistic styles allow the artist to be more vague with their presentation of the landscape. The artist’s goal may be just to show a beautiful shape in nature or often convey an environmental message by mixing man made items with natural occurring scenes.

Fine art Landscape Photography is a truly fascinating art form that blends the best of nature and the creativity of an artist.


Fine Art and Landscape Photography

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