Golden Gate Bridge – Black and White Triptych

Golden Gate Black and White

This Elegant Triptych photo of the Golden Gate Bridge is displayed as a stunning Black and White 3 panel Triptych Photograph.

Golden Gate Bridge – Black and White:
Large 28 x 84 inch
Price = $420.00

3 Panel Triptych Photograph
Each Panel measures 28 x 28 inch for a total of 28 x 84 inches.

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Bring the Beauty of the world into your Home, Create a room with a beautiful view.

Golden Gate Black and White Triptych

Each piece is printed on vinyl and mounted on a wooden MDF frame. All Photos and Art are covered by laminate for long lasting protection and easy cleaning.

Each of the three panels is 28 inch x 28 inch for a total of 28 x 84 Inches.
All Photo Sets are packaged with easy to install wall hangers.


Golden Gate Black and White Triptych

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