How Landscape Photographers Are Making the World a Better Place

It’s hard not to get discouraged these days by the current events globally and locally. It seems like every time you turn on the TV news or read the paper, there is a new crisis going on somewhere. In all of these events there are grim details of human suffering and just general ugliness. It is so easy to get caught up in these events and focus on what seems to be the infinite negative.


The thing about it is that there is much more beauty going on in the world than all the ugliness. We as a society, the news media and personally choose to focus more on the negative and forget about all the beauty the world possess, both naturally and through the human spirit.

Now I’m not suggesting that we should go through life wearing a pair of rose colored glasses (although I have a pair and they are wonderful) and ignore human suffering or not do anything about a crisis that needs our attention. I’m suggesting that our perspective is quite often skewed by the attention grabbing immediate headline and we loose sight of the beauty of life that surrounds us.

This is why I am suggesting Landscape Photographers are making the world a better place. By literally focusing on the worlds beauty, the landscape photographer reminds us of the simple beauty that abounds in this world. I personally choose to look at landscape photography online every day and display it in my home. Nature surrounds us day in and day out. Sometimes the simple act of getting up early and viewing a sunset is all that is needed to remind us of the incredible beauty of this world and that we as human beings are the source of so much of the ugliness.

Corsica Sunset Triptych

A beautiful picture of a landscape, seascape, beach scene or other nature image is all it takes sometimes to remind me that we often choose to be consumed by negativity instead of focusing on the positive. There is much cruelty in the world, but there is much more beauty. It’s all perspective.


How Landscape Photographers are making the world a better place

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