How to Hang Your New Art

Fish Dream

Below are the steps of how to hang Your New Pictures:

Before installing your new purchase, please open the attached wall hangers on the side of the box of your photos. Inside you will find metal hangers, plastic “anchors” (for drywall) and screws to install the metal wall-hangers into the wall (these are what the pictures will hang on). The metal pieces fit inside the grooves at the back of the pictures.

To begin, measure your wall – Choose a space on a wall where you want to put the art that will fit. Keep in mind the width of the 20×20 inch triptic is 60 inches, the 24×24 inch triptic is 72 inches, and the 28×28 inch triptic is 84 inches.

The distance between the two outer grooves on the back of each picture is 13.5 in. There are three grooves, or slots, on the back of each photograph. Really only the outer grooves are necessary to use for the installation.

Level the space where the art will go. With a pencil, mark a single line or several little lines to ensure that your line is level before you install. Once leveled, draw on the wall with a pencil where the grooves on the back of the art will line up, this is where you will install the wall hangers to hang the art. Each panel should be 1/2 in. – 1 inch apart (though some people like to put them right next to each other, and some even further apart) They should be spaced along the level line, evenly.

If you’re installing into drywall, drill the hole where you will put the wall hangers/metal pieces. Place the plastic anchor inside the drilled hole, then place the metal wall hanger over the drilled hole and drill the screw into the same hole which is now padded by the wall hanger.

If you’re not installing into drywall, and you can drill directly into the wall. Place the wall hanger in the spot you marked on the wall and drill the screw into it to secure it in place.

Hang the art after all the wall hangers are in place! Breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy your brand new art!


How to Hang Your New Wall Art