Ideas to Decorate a Bedroom

One of the last rooms in the house to decorate is often the Master Bedroom. After the rest of the house has been decorated, we often run out of Ideas to Decorate Bedrooms.

Often overlooked, the master bedroom sometimes ends up being a collection point for the days activities. Mail, newspaers, magazines and dirty laundry often provide the decor. It is easier to keep the door closed to hide the clutter than decorate the bedroom, creating the becan of relaxation that it should be.

At the end of the day, this is the place where you go to truly unwind. It is your sanctum of peace and should be treated with great respect. This room should make you feel good about yourself from head to toe.

Fishing at Sunset

Think about it, you spend at least 1/3rd of your day in your bedroom. Shouldn’t you enjoy your bedroom and want to be there? Why not turn your master bedroom into your personal paradise retreat.

Ideas to Decorate a Bedroom

If there was one place you could wake up every morning, where would it be? There’s your starting point. This paradise project does not have to be timely or expensive. You can easily get this done on a Saturday or Sunday.

Maybe you said, I would like to wake up every morning on a tropical island. Who wouldn’t? Well, with a new tropical print bedspread, a beautiful tropical beach scene photograph and a few island nicknacks and your there. Maybe a fresh coat of paint if your room needs it or you just want a new color.

Baltic Sunset

Maybe you love the city and your idea of paradise is waking up to a view of New York City. Again, a nice modern bed set, a Triptych Photograph of the Empire State building and your done.

Empire Sate Building

Maybe you just want a Zen filled room to relax and meditate in.

Serenity Still Life

Whatever your idea of paradise is, it’s not hard to recreate. With a piece of Triptych Wall Art and a little imagination, you could spend every night in your own personal paradise, relaxing and soaking in the view.

You owe it to yourself, create this slice of paradise in your home this weekend. You will feel much better if you do.


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