Inspiring Landscape and Seascape Photography

Let’s face it, our day to day lives can grow stagnate. Commuting every day to a job of repetitive actions can get boring. Wanting to find a source of inspiration and surrounding our selves with nice things is only natural. Whatever your fancy is, cars, jewelry, clothing, beautiful things make us feel better about our lives. If it looks good and makes us feel more alive, we want it in our lives.

Golden Gate Black and White Triptych

Images and photographs can also be a great source of inspiration. Whether it’s looking at tropical beach scenes of exotic locations you would like to visit or a picture of a famous person who inspires you, photography is a great source of inspiration.

On The Rocks Triptych

There are many different styles of photography, all can be a great source of inspiration at home or in the office. Two of the more inspiring forms of photography are Landscape Photography and Seascape Photography.

Both forms of photography try to capture the natural beauty of the world in an image. Landscape Photography deals with land masses and atmospheric conditions while Seascape Photography deals with the ocean, atmospheric conditions and shorelines. Because landscape photography and seascape photography have become more popular over recent years, we see more examples of them on the internet. Screen savers, online galleries and amateur photographers have made these images a daily occurrence, but finding great ones that can be used as wall art, that’s a different story.

Sunset On the Beach Scene

Photographic wall art has advanced and become very popular in recent years. You can find photographic art all over the web, but not all are of good quality or use proper display methods. We find for large landscape photography and seascape photography that the 3 panel triptych display works best.

A triptych photograph gives a greater sense of space than a single framed photograph. Part of the awe of landscape and seascape photography is capturing the grand nature of the view. This works much better with the multi panel format.

The Wave Triptych

Imagine an awesome wave crashing down into your living room or displaying an amazing tropical beach scene in your office. Every time you look at this massive photo you are reminded of the beauty of the sea. Imagine gazing upon Mount Everest every day and knowing that great people have climbed this awesome beauty of a landscape.

Mount Everest Triptych

Such great images stir up emotion when we see them. Emotions stir up inspiration, inspiration stirs up action and actions fill our lives with great memories.

It is possible to feel inspiration every day, no matter what your living and working life entails. Celebrate life by bring the worlds beauty into your life with a beautiful photograph for your home or office.