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Schwabacher Landing

Being humans means we are all part of this worlds natural landscape. This intrigues and inspires us in ways that nothing else can. Since the beginning of the photography movement, photographers have turned to the natural landscape for the subject of some of their best works. Truly landscape photography is able to evoke such emotions that it is perhaps the greatest subject of all. This landscape that surrounds and absorbs us all would become the favored subject of perhaps the greatest American photographer, Ansel Adams.

Adams became famous, and rightfully so, for photographing the greatest landscapes that this land could put forth. From the Grand Canyon to his most famous photographs of Yosemite National Park began to capture the imagination of not only the average American but the attention of the artistic community as well. Under Adams, landscape photography truly became the foremost subject for this artistic medium. Photographs of the canyons, mountains, rocks, streams, and fields that make up this world quickly captured and continue to capture the imagination and wonder of people everywhere. Yet it is the grounding in reality of photography that allowed the medium to transform from a documentation tool into what is perhaps the most prevalent and popular form of art known today.

One of the most influential magazines of all time, National Geographic, is known for its widespread use and popularization of landscape shots. By using techniques that it’s photographers created in the field, National Geographic was able to bring the majesty of the world to the homes of everyday people. This has inspired entire generations of photographers to take photos that are National Geographic worthy. Photography is able to capture such realism and emotion yet at the same time, with just a minor amount of work, it is able to create fantasy worlds and distant ideas that almost feel like memories without the fuzz around the edges. And it is able to do this because it is a universal art form. Any man, woman, or child can, with the right ideas, create wonderfully beautiful landscape photographs with virtually no training or equipment.

Landscape photography should be viewed by all as a way to capture and promote the conservation of nature as well as convey the natural beauty and simplicity of the outside world. Landscape as a subject makes us ponder the meaning of life as well as grounds us in the truth, the natural features and facts that make up this world. Nothing creates better artwork than photographs of beaches, fields, canyons, rivers, and every other natural landscape. Something so simple evokes such deep emotions and responses from people that no other form of photograph can equal. Without a doubt, landscape photographs are the definitive subject for any aspiring photographer or photography lover.

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