Landscape Photography Tips Part #5

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Photographing open landscapes can be one of the most challenging landscape Photography shots to pull off. Often when shooting open spaces like prairies or plains, there are no stand out points of interest. Often times the subject you are trying to convey to your viewers is the vast openness of the scene, but you will still need to give your viewers a focal point. There must be something of interest that attracted your eye to the landscape. So find it and draw the viewers eye to it. This might just be something that showed the scale of the scene. Maybe there is a patterns in the grass or grain, a rock formation, a simple road or stream. Something to draw the eye to the subject.

As mentioned before in Landscape Photography Tips, what is the emotion you are feeling about this place and how can you convey that in this image. Decide upon the most important feature of the location and exploit it. Can atmospheric conditions contribute to the composition. Would this landscape be better with a busy sky with clouds and a threatening storm or would a clear blue sky help illustrate the vast openness of the landscape?

In an open landscape photograph, the sky can be very important. Don’t forget the Rule of Thirds. If the landscape scene is more about the sky, put the in the lower third of the image. If the sky is not important in your landscape scene, place the horizon in the upper third of the image. If the sky does not add anything to your image, leave it out.


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