Large Wall Art

Stretching Out Vertical Pier Triptych

There is nothing that makes a bigger statement in a room than an interesting piece of Large Wall Art. Whether it’s a large oil painting, a water color, Fine Art Photography or a mixed media piece, there is something special about a piece of large wall art that dominates a room.

I am a frequent gallery goer and though I love all shapes and sizes of wall art, I really love it when I enter a white room with one large piece of wall art to focus on. The grand nature of such a piece can transport you into another realm almost instantly. Whether it’s the visual stimulus or the concept on such a grand scale that is responsible for this mind altering effect, I don’t know. I just know that it occurs and I like it.

Flower Circle

Oh, if only we were able to create such a space in our own home. Allas, you can and in fact I myself have done so.

A large photographic piece of wall art will accomplish this effect easily. For a large photo can transport us into the eye of the photographer in an instant. Large photographic wall art comes in a multitude of styles, topics, colors and concepts. From a beautiful abstract landscape, to the natural beauty of seascape photography, nature paints the most perfect pictures.

Majorca Beach Scene

Large photographic wall art can grab the attention of it’s viewer and instantly tell it’s story or explain it’s concept. This does not happen so fast for paintings or mixed media pieces.

Another large bonus to large photographic wall art is that it is much more affordable than an original piece of art. You can transform a room for under $200.00! That’s a lot of impact for the price.

If you are looking to create an interesting room in your home or office, consider a large piece of photographic wall art. You won’t go wrong.

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