Maldives Islands Perfect Tropical Beach Scenes

Walk Across The Water-Maldives Pier Triptych

Stretching across the Indian Ocean some five hundred miles are a collection of islands known as the Maldives. The Maldives total some one thousand islands. Most of the islands are blessed with the perfect beach scenes of white sand, lush palms and tropical beaches.

The Maldives are not only blessed with pristine beaches, but also have some of the clearest waters you can find anywhere. Not only are the Maldives great for beach goers looking to soak up the sun in paradise, the islands are also heaven for snorkeling, scuba diving and viewing the lush reefs with tropical fish. There are many full service resorts in the Maldives as well as many activities like kayaking, catamaran cruising, trips to uninhabited islands, spa treatments and water sports.

Maldives Beach Scene

The number one activity for the Maldives is of course relaxation. What better way to relax than on a pristine tropical beach. Many of the resorts now open in the Maldives have long stretches of private beach for their guests. What better way to relax than on your own private beach with white sand, clear water and perfect weather. No wonder the Maldives Islands have become the perfect dream destination for many, they are truly a tropical beach scene paradise.


Maldives Islands Perfect Tropical Beach Scenes