Nautical Theme Room

The Sea can be a very powerful theme to use when decorating your home. The sea provides a wide variety of textures, colors, images and design elements that can be incorporated into any room in Nautical Theme Roomthe house. The list of elements that make up a Nautical Theme are vast, from sunsets to seashells, buoys to boats, sailing to surfboards, sand dunes to surf fishing, on and on. With so much subject matter to choose from, it’s no wonder the sea and nautical themes are so popular. Whether you are looking to create a modern seascape feel or a casual rustic feel, we have plenty of ideas to get you started on creating a unique nautical theme in your home.

Colors for a Nautical theme:

You have a huge choice of colors to choose from when creating a nautical theme. Whites and blues, sand and sea green make for great base colors. You can introduce brighter colors to your room with accessories and wall art. The use of nautical flags, life rings or beach scene photos can offer plenty of color to your room. Natural finished wood or even white washed furniture can create great texture for your room. Accessories like driftwood or a fishing net can create a nice touch to your nautical theme. Use items you enjoy from the sea. If you are a boater, use some boating accessories to connect to your theme. If you love the beach, there are plenty of items you can bring into your home to complete your theme.

Formal Vs Casual:

When creating a more formal nautical theme, subtle is the key. Establish your theme with hints of the sea using color and design elements. You don’t need to go overboard (Pun intended) with the accessories.

The use of subtle lines and patterns will be far more effective in creating a formal setting than cliche artwork or colors. The use of English or Asian style furniture with its simple feel can help with your theme. The use of wainscoting painted white and beaded board will help achieve a more formal nautical theme as well.

If you are looking to create a more casual, rustic nautical theme then the use of more antique like accessories can help. Fishing nets, oars, a ship wheel or porthole can go a long way toward completing your theme. Be careful not to over do it though, to much of a good thing can just look forced and cluttered. Be strategic with your placement of nautical items. You should try not to rely totally on the use of accessories to set your theme. Be sure to incorporate design elements as well to create a more sophisticated atmosphere. Creating the right balance for your personal taste is up to you. Just keep in mind that less is usually more when creating a formal space.

Boat In The Sunrise Triptych

Use Wall Art to set your Theme:

One of the easiest ways to tie together any theme is by using wall art. This is no different for a nautical theme. The use of paintings of fish, images of sea life, Seascape Photography, beach scenes pictures or boats can easily bring your theme together. If you are using framed wall art be sure that all the frames are the same or similar in style.

Furniture accessories:

The use of pillows, blankets, rugs or other accessories is an easy way to add to your theme. It is easy to find all these accessories with nautical patterns, fish patterns and light houses at any home furnishings store. Just remember it is very easy to do too much with patterned accessories.

Seashore Collections:

Another easy way to accent your nautical theme is to display that seashell or Sea Glass Mirrorsea glass collection from vacations past. You can even use your seashell or sea glass collection for trim on mirrors, picture frames or lamps. A sea glass collection and a glue gun can make some stunning accents, quickly and easily.

These tips should give you some solid guidelines to follow when creating your Nautical Theme Room. Remember that there is no right or wrong when it comes to your personal taste. So have fun creating your unique nautical theme room.


Creating A Nautical Themed Room