New York City Landscape Photography

Moon Over the Brooklyn Bridge Triptych

New York City is one of the truly great cities on the planet earth. The pulse of a nation and even globally can be felt in New York City. Not only is NYC the financial hub of the world, it is also the heart of art, music and fashion.

Downtown NYC Skyline Triptych

New York City is also home to some of the worlds great engineering feats as well as architectural gems. This is why the NYC Skyline is known throughout the world. One glimpse of a photo of the New York City Skyline and you know what you are looking at. From the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan bridge, the Empire State Building to the new Freedom Tower, all these structures are a part of the NYC Skyline.

Landscape Photography as an art form tries to capture the depth of Central Park Crossingbeauty that exists in landforms. Whether it be the beautiful color of land and sky meeting or the merging of land shapes that create a abstract photo composition, Landscape photography tries to capture the raw beauty of the land. When photographers turn their creative eye towards the man made shapes and colors of a modern city, this is known as Cityscape Photography. Cityscapes like landscapes posses many shapes, sizes and colors, all of which contribute to the overall composition. The same principles of landscape photography photo composition can be applied to cityscape photography as they are very similar art forms, only the structural subject is different.

Landscape Photography of New York City can very easily and often does combine both genres of cityscape photography and landscape photography. The subject could very easily be a view of buildings overlooking Central Park or a moon lit Brooklyn Bridge.

Manhattan Sky Vertical Triptych

New York City is a very popular city to shoot for Landscape Photographers because it is a place where great man made objects intertwine with nature in a curious sometimes strident dichotomy of existence. This makes for stark contrasts and rich texture, which always makes great art and photography.

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