New York City Skyline Photos

New York City Skyline Triptych

New York City, often referred to as the Big Apple offers residents and visitors a stunning view of this glorious city. More in particular, the New York City Skyline is dazzled with stunning views such as the fantastic view of Central Park.

This is a view that can be captured from the balconies of five star hotels such as Trump International Hotel. For a stunning view of the sunrise, you can visit the Lady Liberty and get to watch the sun rise over the New York Harbor.

For a spectacular sunset view, over New York, you can choose to visit the Waldorf Towers and many other mammoth buildings that now feature permanently on the New York Skyline, offering guests and New York residence a glance of the beautiful New York City.

The Ritz-Carlton hotel (Five Star) is one famous hotel that boasts a waterfront location, (Battery Park). The hotel features Goose down pillows and has exquisite bed tops that provide a luxurious rest to all who want to rest before or after embarking on a New York experience.

Downtown NYC Skyline Triptych

As a business traveler, you are in-luck as the Ritz has you covered. The hotel is just a stone throw from Wall Street and as a tourist you will only have a short two block walk and visit the Statue of Liberty Ferry.

At daybreak, you can have a spectacular sight of the statue of liberty and you will be mesmerized by that amazing look. The hotel (Ritz-Carlton) is closely located to the most visited locations in New York such as: Time Square, Central Park, Madison Square gardens and the Rockefeller center.

Below are some spectacular buildings and sceneries that contribute to the New York Skyline.

Empire State Building Triptych

Empire State Building

To many people, the Empire State Building stands as one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city of New York. The building serves as the number one thing that many sightseers want to see. The building stands at 102 stories tall and is located where the 5th Avenue and West 34th Street collide.

The building was named after the New York which was nick-named The Empire State. For a full four decades, the Empire States Building stood as the tallest building in the world. The building construction ended back in 1939.

Moon Over the Brooklyn Bridge Triptych

Brooklyn Bridge

Anyone who walks on the Brooklyn Bridge experiences a great experience. As much as there are lots of spectacular bridges strewn all-over the United States, the Brooklyn Bridge stands as a main attraction in New York City.

The bridge was perfectly designed and constructed and it remains a permanent feature that is stunning and loved by people from all corners of earth. The Brooklyn Bridge was completed back in 1883 and it connects the eloquent and prestigious Manhattan Island to the Brooklyn side by spanning across the East River.

For anyone visiting New York City, visiting the Brooklyn Bridge is an experience one should look forward to as this is one place that will make your vacation a memorable one. The New York Department of transportation is mandated with the task of maintaining this wonderful bridge.

Manhattan Bridge In Four

Manhattan Bridge

The Manhattan Bridge was designed to be a suspension bridge that crosses the East River in New York City. The bridge connects Manhattan (lower) starting from the Canal Street with Brooklyn on Flatbush Avenue Extension.

Manhattan Bridge is a part of the three suspension bridges that were constructed across the lower East River. Among the three (Brooklyn Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge) was the last suspension bridge built.

The chief architect was Leon Moisseiff who designed this bridge. The bridge was officially open for public use on 31st December 1909.

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