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Oahu Island is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands. Although it is Oahu-Hawaiinot the largest island, Oahu is the most populated, with over 75% of the state of Hawaii living there. On the island of Oahu, 75% of the population lives in or around the city side of the island.

Honolulu is the largest city on Oahu, it is the State capital and largest city in the state of Hawaii. Most of the population of Oahu lives in and around Honolulu.
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Oahu is also the most popular travel destination for visitors to Hawaii. Not only does Oahu have the State capital, it also is home to the deep water naval port of Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor’s monuments and history are a large attraction to visitors from around the world.

Other popular attractions on the island of Oahu include Waikiki, Diamond Head, North Shore and Hanauma Bay.

Waikiki is a popular beach front community of Honolulu and is best known for Waikiki Beach and its beautiful white sand.

Diamond Head is a large volcanic cone that exists just outside of Honolulu. The large volcanic cone is a popular scenic destination.

North Shore is most popular for its surfing beaches and surfing competition. North shore is home to the famous Sunset Beach.

Hanauma Bay is a volcanic cove just south east of Honolulu and a very popular tourist attraction.
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The island of Oahu is a beautiful destination, full of tropical beach scenes year round. Oahu is rich in history and a vacation that will be packed with things to do, or just relaxing in paradise.

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