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We are at a point now where almost everyone who has access to a computer will also have access to a camera of some kind. Certainly for most of the people who read this article a camera is probably your day to day companion. Then there are those who dabble with photography as a hobby and most likely settle for the camera on their smart phone.

When it comes to photography in general there is very little snobbery in the equipment that is used. In fact, most photographers view the camera as nothing more than a means to an end; to capture that perfect shot.

Photography has always been seen as a specialized skill. Sometimes capturing the perfect shot comes down to simply being in the right place at the right time. The professional photographer, on the other hand, will make it their mission to find the shot instead of sitting around hoping lady luck will be on their side.

There are many forms of photography such as nature, landscape Photography and Still Life, but there is also a more prominent form known as photographic art. In most cases this form of photography is used to capture a specific subject or situation in the way the photographer wants it as opposed to simply documenting certain scenes as they happen.

The idea that a photographer could be classed as an artist in their own right is not a new one. It has just taken longer for their acceptance and now many people view the art photographer as being at the fore front of capturing human emotion through the lens of a camera rather than paint and canvas.

It is thanks to this form of photography that most homes are graced with Photographic wall art that depicts the artist’s images. Again Wall art was often reserved for the classic artist, but that is no longer the truth and in-fact the vast majority of wall art these days will feature the beautiful images captured by some of the world’s top photographic talent.

F. Holland Day, Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Steichen are often seen as the founding fathers of photographic art and where seen as being instrumental in its acceptance into the art world. Most notably Alfred Stieglitz was widely regarded as the man who helped get the photograph into museums.

A beautiful image often starts in the mind of the person looking to capture it and photographic art, whether it is in your home in the form of a wall art or hanging in the hallowed halls of a museum, is something that can be enjoyed by everyone.