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Searching for gift ideas, whether it be a birthday gift, a Christmas gift or any other occasion can be a great source of strife. Finding something that a friend or family member would want, use or even look at twice can be a daunting task.

The process helps if you know the person well, but lets face it, quite often you are invited to an upscale party for a business associate or family acquaintance where you are expected to bring something unique, interesting, not tacky and you haven’t a clue… HELP!

Going By Gondola Triptych

Photographic Triptych Wall Art

Often times you really don’t know the person you are giving the gift to very well so there is a little trick you can use when giving this gift. Give them something you know about or are passionate about or something with a good story behind it.

For me, this is another reason why photography is such a great gift idea. It is easy to find a topic you are passionate about or a photo of a location that you have been to. Pictures translate stories very easily and always look classy.

Your photographic gift could be for their home or work place. If you are lucky enough to know they just took a dream trip to Venice, Italy, then you could get them any number of elegant photo displays on Venice. Same goes for a tropical beach scene or anywhere else for that matter.

Moon Over the Brooklyn Bridge Triptych

Triptych Photo Print

You can also pick a topic that you are passionate about and help them make a connection to the subject by presenting a photo and a personal story about the scene in the photo. Even if the subject is not quite their cup of tea to start with, they will almost certainly be won over by your sincere story and the fact that you shared that story with them.

Photographs are a great way to communicate ideas and share personal moments. This is why photos are some of my favorite gifts to give. You get to give a beautiful gift and share something about your self at the same time, that’s a good thing!

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