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Cliff View Triptych

We all love our images, that’s a fact. Millions of people each day upload and share over 500 million photographs with the rest of the World Wide Web. Some of these images are instantly forgettable while others are so haunting we often want to save them and keep them for later viewing.

As cameras and their accessories become lighter and more compact, the kinds of photographs appearing online are becoming more and more adventurous. At the click of a mouse we can see everything from NYC Skyline Photos of to the cafes of Venice, Italy.

Venetian Cafes at Night Triptych

There are photographs for just about everything we would want to see and of course plenty of the things we would rather not see online, but that’s another story. Regardless of what you’re tastes are in photography it is probably safe to assume that most of you out there will appreciate the beauty of landscape photography.

Hang on though; this world isn’t just made up of land and cityscapes. We have vast oceans and beach scenes out there just waiting to be explored and of course the more Majorca Beach Sceneadventurous photographer already knows this which is why the internet is quickly becoming awash with stunning seascape photography of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef or the massive man-made palm tree in Dubai.

Ariel and even satellite photography have made it possible to capture some seriously breath-taking images of our planet’s oceans and rivers. Seascape photography has also brought our beaches under the gaze of the cameraman’s lens.

Thailand In Four Triptych

If you dream of long walks on the beach, then you may want to consider looking into the ones found in Thailand or if those aren’t stunning enough for you there are always the Tropical Beaches of Hawaii. Of course if your funds don’t allow for travel to such exotic locations then you can always check out the stunning beach scene photos posted online.

Ashore In Hawaii

Exploring the world through photography has never been so much fun, nor has it been so awe inspiring. Everything from amazing images of fog covered coasts to the sun drenched beaches of Corsica France are only a few mouse clicks away and once you start looking you will become hooked on some of the most visually appealing seascape photography ever to be made available online for everyone to enjoy. So go ahead, get clicking both your camera and your mouse and see what the world has to offer.

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