Seascape Photography Tips Part #1

Seascape Photography

Of all the places I like to explore and take pictures, the Seacoast is one of my favorites. Although I live on the east-coast of the United States and get to enjoy shooting Landscape photography, I really enjoy shooting tropical Seascape Photography best. Over the years of trial and error I have compiled quite a bit of knowledge about taking great Seascape and Beach Scene Photographs. Here are a few tips and things to think about when shooting Seascapes.

Photo Composition:

Blue Sky and Sun 4 Panel

Just like in Landscape Photography, consider your use of the foreground in a scene. You can use foreground for scale or to add interest to the image. Always look for interesting object like rocks and rock formations on the beach. You want to find objects that can lead the viewers eye to the subject. Try to find lines and patterns that will draw the eye. Sometimes back flowing water creates interesting lines in the sand. Be sure to really explore the scene and try different vantage points. Don’t be scared to be creative. Try shooting from many positions and angles. Do any of these angles work better at conveying the emotion of the scene? How can you convey the emotion in the scene?

Boat In The Sunrise Triptych

Often times the best view of a Seascape or Beach Scene is from a ledge or cliff above the scene. In this case you usually have plenty of foreground to work with. Using the large land formations and rocks in your composition can be quite spectacular adding color and scale to the Seascape.

Cliff View Triptych

Often times when shooting a beach scene the wet uninhabited sand can create interesting reflections of the sky, adding color and interest to the image. This can help create a beautiful image.

On The Rocks Triptych

There are many different possibilities when shooting a Seascape or Beach Scene. All beaches and seascapes are different. Take the time to explore your location and find out what makes your scene unique, then use that in your composition.

Ashore In Hawaii Triptych

Spend the day at your scene, sunrise to sunset. That way you will really see the location change over the course of a day. The beach takes on very different characteristics at high tide and low tide. Try to capture these differences and find out what time of day works best for your shot. Try taking some shots from in the water. Sometimes this is the best vantage point for your seascape.

I can think of worse ways to spend a day than at a beach or seascape. Have Fun.

Seascape Photography Tips Part #1

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