Seascape Photography Wall Art Theme Room

Stretching Out Vertical Pier Triptych

The Seaside is one of the most peaceful and beautiful places to visit or live. It only goes to figure that using Seascape Themed decor and wall art is very popular for home decoration. Reliving the best days of our lives is possible by referencing a favorite Seascape or beach scenes in our home. So, the next time you are planning on decorating your living room, bedroom or family room in your home, consider a Seascape Photography theme Room.
Seascape and beach scene wall art is available in a variety of styles, sizes and prices. It’s possible to create a beautiful Seascape theme living room without breaking the bank and without looking cheep. Here are just a few ideas to help you on your way to creating a beautiful Seascape theme in your home.

Bahamas Pier Triptych

Seascape Table display:

Creating a simple seascape table display is easy, affordable and a great way to introduce the theme to your living room. You can get everything you need at the beach, a craft store like Michael’s or in most discount stores. You will need seagrass, seashells, starfish, sand dollars and a small basket, preferably woven or white bowl. Seascape table displayYou should be able to find most of this in the artificial flower section of your discount store. You can use the seagrass to line the basket, then arrange the seashells and accessories on and around the basket. You can also place the seagrass in a simple vase or several vases and display them around the room. These simple references to a Seascape placed around the room will not be overbearing, but will set the tone for your Seascape theme.

Majorca Beach Scene Triptych

Seascape Wall Art:

Whenever you are decorating any kind of room you will need to create a focal point. Seascape Photography Wall Art comes in many shapes and sizes, its just a matter of narrowing it down to what will work best for you. Mounting a fish is a very common choice for seascape wall art. You could either mount and stuff a personal catch or trophy fish or buy a reproduction. Nothing says seascape like a large Marlin mounted on the wall. It’s sure to make an impact on your visitors. Having a large stuffed fish is not for everyone though. Another alternative that is very effective is Seascape Photography Wall Art. You could have a beautiful seascape or beach scene displayed right in your living room. The beauty to seascape photo wall art is that it tells the story immediately to your visitors, but in an elegant way. We prefer a 3 panel triptych photo display for wall decor. The prints are frame-less and blend in to the existing decor. Seascape photography prints are affordable, elegant and add depth and color to any room.

Boat In The Sunrise Triptych

Customizing Pillar Candles:

Lets face it, everyone loves candles. They are cheep, create great atmosphere and pillar candles are easy to customize with your own theme accessories. Using small seashells to add accents to your candles is easy and they look great. First you will need to have 2 candles. One candle will be the display piece, the other will be used for its wax ,so you can mount the small shells on the display candle. Begin by lighting the candle that will be used for its wax. Let the candle burn long enough so that a good amount of wax collects around the wick. Use a small paint brush to to apply the hot wax around the edges of your small shells, starfish or sand dollars. While the wax is still hot on the shell, gently press it against the lower third of your display candle. Continue this process until the lower third of the candle is covered. The candle will burn down until it reaches the bottom third. You have created a Seascape themed candle. It’s easy to repeat this process and get creative with it. They look great, they’re inexpensive and easy to do. Enjoy

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