Some of the Best Hawaiian Beaches to Visit

For most people, a vacation to a tropical beach often sounds like a dream . This is because most people think that going to a tropical beach scene is unattainable and that it is something that they will never be able to afford in their lifetimes. The truth is that there are lots of tropical beaches that one can visit that are vary attainable. One of the best places on earth to visit and experience many of these tropical beaches is Hawaii. This is because apart from the Hawaiian beaches, you get to experience a culture you have never before and you also get to meet some of the most hospitable people on earth. There are many tropical beaches in Hawaii, but what are the best Hawaiian beaches?

Here are some of the best Hawaiian beaches you should check out:

Oahu Palms Triptych

1. The North Shore 
Oahu, Hawaii

There are a number of great Hawaiian beaches that are located along the 7 mile stretch that is the north shore. Waimeia bay is located in the center of the north shore. The bay is known for its calm waters and an expansive beach. Surfers should be glad in the knowledge that in the winter, these calm waters pick up and there are waves that make this bay a good surfing spot. Then there is the sunset beach and the pipeline, both of which are great spots to watch the sunset and get a bit of surfing and vacationing done.

2. Punalu’u Beach 
The Big Island, Hawaii

This is one of the most famous Hawaiian beaches, known for its black sand, this is one of the rarest of the Hawaiian beaches and rarest in the world. This beach is believed to have been formed as a result of volcanic activity from two of the most active volcanoes in Hawaii. This beach is made irresistible by the glass granules that are always soothing and warm as well as the wild tropical landscape that it presents. If you are into fishing, you will find locals who will take you out in the ocean and let you have at it. If this is not the thing for you, the ocean in this beach is ideal for swimming and the black sand is ideal for sunbathing.

3. Hookipa Beach
 Maui, Hawaii

This Hawaiian beach is known for its strong winds that make it a heaven for those who are into wind surfing. Apart from the wind surfing, there are those who come to this beach for its waves that are magnificent for surfing. The palm trees that line the beach as well as the white sands attract a lot of people to this beach.

Red Sun Setting

4. Lahaina Beach 
Maui, Hawaii

This beach is considered one of the most romantic of the Hawaiian beaches due to its location. It is located right outside the lahaina village where grass thatched houses are the thing. People come to this beach for its tranquility, majesty of the ocean as well as the lush tropical life that is to be found here. This beach has lots to offer with some its best known secrets being the old lahaina luau which is the birthplace of the hula dance.

5. Poipu Beach
 Kauai, Hawaii

This beach is located on the southern tip of the Kauai Island and it is well known for its calm waters. The waters on this beach are known to be great for surfing and the golden beaches are heavenly for some sun bathing. If you are looking for a beach that is great for kids this is it: its protected bays do not go deeper than three feet. Those who are into advanced swimming can go into the deep sea for some underwater adventures.

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