Nautical Theme Room

The sea provides a wide variety of textures, colors, images and design elements that can be incorporated into any room in the house. The list of elements that make up a nautical theme are vast, from sunsets to seashells, buoys to boats, sailing to surfboards, sand dunes to surf fishing, on and on. With so much subject matter to choose from, it’s no wonder the sea and Nautical Themes are so popular.

Apartment Interior Design Ideas

Living in a rental properly can have its design challenges. For one, you can’t change any structure or even paint. But just because you pay rent doesn’t mean you can’t make your apartment feel like your home and ad some individual style. Here are some Apartment Interior Design Ideas to think about. What’s your space […]

Room Design Ideas – The Four Seasons

Whether it’s your first home or your seventh, decorating a new space can be overwhelming. You might have been thinking about moving into a new home for a long time but when it comes time to take action, the task can be monumental. Decorating an entire living space or even one room is a huge […]