The Hawaiian Islands (Oahu & Maui)

The Hawaiian Islands are a conglomerate of eight large Islands, a number of atolls and a high number of smaller islets and several undersea seamounts in the North Pacific Ocean. The entire Hawaiian area extends covers 1,500 miles (2400 kilometers) starting from the Island of Hawai’i in the south all the way up to northernmost Kure Atoll.

The Hawaiian Islands were once known as “Sandwich Islands” a name that was chosen by James Cook in honor of the First Lord of the Admiralty (John Montagu). The Hawaiian Islands form the exposed peak of the great undersea mountain range known as the Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain that resulted from volcanic activity over a hotspot in the earth’s mantle.

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The Hawaiian Islands are 1,860 miles (3,000km) far from the nearest continent. On January 18 1778, Captain James Cook visited the Hawaiian Islands and he named them Sandwich honoring the 4th Earl of Sandwich who was among his sponsors as the First Lord of the Admiralty.

Sandwich Islands stuck until the 1840s when the local name “Hawaii” transpired and eventually took over as the official name of the islands.

The Hawaiian Islands have a land area that covers 6,423.4 square miles (16,636.5 km2). The islands and islets are all under the Hawaii State which forms the 50th state of the United States of America.


Oahu Island

Oahu translated into English means; The Gathering Place, this is the third largest Hawaiian island. As much as it is the third largest, it is the most populated island Hawaiian island. In the entire state, Oahu is the only place where an intercontinental Honolulu International Airport is located.

Honolulu the State capital is located on the Southeast coast of Oahu. The total land area of Oahu Island including the small close in off shore islands (Ford Island and Kaneohe Bay islands inclusive of the eastern windward coast is 596.7 square miles (1,545.4 km2).
This makes Oahu Island the 20th largest island in the United States.

The island is home to about 953, 207 people this figure is an approximate of 75% of all residents residing in the Hawaiian State and the same 75% of the people living in the city side of the island.

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Honolulu city is not only the largest state capital but is the main deep-water marine port for the State of Hawaii. Oahu has several main attraction sites that include: Waikiki, North Shore, Pearl Harbor, Kailua Bay, Diamond Head, Kaneohe Bay, Hanauma Bay.

Oahu Island has a diamond rough-shape and it is surrounded by the ocean and is divided by mountain ranges.Maui Island

Maui Island

The Island of Maui is the second largest island in the conglomerate Islands and islets of the Hawaiian Islands. The Maui Island covers 727. 2 square miles and it takes position 17 of the largest islands in the United States.

Maui is under the jurisdiction of Hawaii Islands State and it serves as the largest of all Maui’s four islands. Maui is bigger than Molokai, lanai and the unpopulated Kahoolawe. By the census report of 2010, Maui was reported to have a total population of 144,444 making it the third most popular Island of the Hawaiian State.

Maui Island has diverse landscapes that resulted from the unique combination of geology, climate and topography. Individual volcanic cones in the chain of the Hawaiian Islands are built of dark, iron-rich/quartz-poor rocks.

Maui Island is loved and flocked by tourists as it serves as the main whale watching center in all of Hawaii. Humpback Whales winter in the sheltered Au au Channel that is between Maui county islands. The whales mate and birth in the warm waters of Maui.

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