The Manhattan Bridge A Picture of Beauty In NYC

Architecture around the world can either be really exciting or really bland. We have probably all visited some place where all the buildings and houses and stores look the same, like no thought or imagination has been put into them.

Downtown NYC Skyline Triptych

Then, of course, we find the true wonders of the Architectural world such as the Sears Tower, The Golden Gate Bridge, and the Empire State Building. One such wonder is the Manhattan Bridge.

The last of the three suspension bridges created to link lower Manhattan with Brooklyn, its construction was started in 1901 and then over 8 years later it was finally opened to the public on the 31st of October 1909.

Manhattan Bridge

The Manhattan Bridge was designed by Leon Solomon Moisseiff, the same man who also helped with the design of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. You can almost be guaranteed that any movie or TV show filmed in New York City will feature a picture of the Manhattan Bridge at some point, which has helped it to be recognized the world over.

When the bridge was first built the lower deck was used by trains to ferry passengers across, and the tracks where later moved up to the top deck until the service was discontinued in 1929. On the Brooklyn side of the bridge the tracks remain the same as they have done since the bridge first opened but on the Manhattan side the tracks have long since been severed and the area is now used for storage space.

A year after the bridge had opened plans were drawn up to create an elaborate entrance way on the Manhattan side of the bridge, but it wouldn’t be until 1915 when the colonnade and arch, featuring a frieze entitled the Buffalo Hunt, would finally be completed.

Manhattan Bridge In Four

The grand structure saw many years of neglect and many attempts were made by traffic engineers to have it removed but in 1975 the arch and the colonnade where designated as a landmark and finally in 2000 the structures where restored to their original beauty.

There are many places you may want to visit if you ever find yourself in New York. If you are a fan of architecture in general, then you really need to see the bridge and its grand entrance up close and personal. It is really quite a a beautiful sight to see in person.


The Manhattan Bridge A Picture of Beauty In NYC


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