Triptych Art and Triptych Photography

One of the least known forms of art is also one of the most complex. For most people who are not art enthusiasts, the terms Triptych Art and triptych photography sound like something from the ancient times. Well, this is partly truth. The whole truth is that these are some of the most complex forms of art and contrary to what most people might want to believe, these forms of art are celebrated all over the world.

Triptych Art and triptych photography both consist of either paintings or photographs that are divided into three parts. The two parts of the painting or photography on either sides of the piece at the center are often hinged. This usually serves the purpose of allowing for easier transportation and storage of the art piece.

Origins of triptych art

It is thought that this form of art originated in ancient Rome. This is just one theory as there is another that states that this form of art originated in Egypt. Whatever the case might be, it is believed that this form of art is over 1000 years old and has been passed through generation for ages. There have also been discoveries of paintings and carvings that are seen to fall into the categorization of triptych art.

There are a few things that would lead one to classify a piece of art as triptych art. One of the most notable is that the piece of art ought to be divided into three parts.All of these three parts ought to be joined together and as noted above, in most cases, pieces of triptych art are often hinged. Another thing that would make a piece of art fall into this category is that all of the three pieces of art ought to come together to give one piece of art. Triptych art does not take three random pieces of work and make them into one. The three pieces usually have to have been worked on at the same time and have to come together to form one large piece of art.

Why triptych art is celebrated as much as it is

One of the reasons is that people love to keep and maintain art forms that are thought to originate in the ancient times. Triptych art is through to have originated from ancient Rome or Egypt and this is why it easily fits this bill. Then there is the complexity of combing three paintings into one. Granted, working on one paining is already hard enough. Think about how hard it would be to work on three pieces of art that are supposed to become one large piece of work. That not only takes talent, it takes time and dedication.

The last reason is that this form of art is perfect for contemporary homes. These days, a lot of people are going for contemporary homes and internal décor. This means that these people will more often than not look for contemporary art for their homes. Triptych art and photography both fit this bill perfectly. Thus if you have a contemporary home and looking for some wall art, the first place to look ought to be triptych art.