Triptych Photography

Triptych Photography is a powerful medium for all genres of Photography.
At Landscape Photography Shop we carry several styles in many different genres. This is mainly because we are selling wall art and feel that these are the best styles for home decor.

Triptych Photography has long been a medium in Fine Art Photography where the artist is trying to convey a message or meaning derived from the photographs. Triptych photography can be very helpful in telling a story with 3 pictures as opposed to one. The artist is able to combine the three photographs in any shape or order that is best to convey their message. The photos can be from the same scene, same subject matter or be completely different. The subject and method is entirely up to the artists discretion.

Daisies Triptych

Here are a few examples of the styles we sell on this site. We feel that the 3 panel triptych display method is one of the best display methods of photography for home decor. A 3 panel triptych wall art display can take up a large space without being over bearing. The space between each photo panel allows the triptych to blend in with its surroundings. A large one piece photo can be stark and overpowering, especially if it is framed. The frameless 3 panel triptych blends well and is perfect for large panoramic Landscapes as well as close up macro photography of flowers and Nature.

Sunset On the Beach Scene

A large panoramic view of a Cityscape can easily become overpowering in a large framed piece of Wall Art. A triptych display will soften the subject up without losing any of the detail.

New York City Skyline Triptych

Here is a beautiful Bedroom setting using a 3 panel triptych consisting of three different photos but the same subject matter.


Here we see a large panoramic view broken into 3 panels. Very effective

Cliff View Triptych

Last but not least, who could not derive the message of tranquillity from this 3 panel triptych from Oahu Hawaii.

Oahu Palms Triptych

Triptych Photography

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