Triptych Photos

Triptych Photos are one of the more intriguing display methods for photography. Although triptych displays are not new by any means, they are relatively new in photography.

Originally a form used by the church as a background for the altar or an altar piece, triptych art has it’s roots in the Christian Church. The 3 panel triptych would often be hinged so that it would fold out, this also aloud for easier transport.

Triptych Art was usually painted or carved wood. The subject was usually a story from the bible. The art form was most popular in the middle ages in Europe.

Tree In the Fall Triptych

There are still some famous triptych altar pieces in use today, but as an art form, it is not practiced in the church anymore.

Triptych Photography and triptych photos are a relatively new display format as photography is still quite young. The triptych photo display consists of three photos on separate panels. Often the triptych photo is one photo separated into 3 panels. This technique is very popular in home decor.

In Fine Art Photography, the triptych can be three different pictures, usually sharing a theme or subject. There are no rules in triptych fine art photography. The artists vision takes priority of esthetics.

Mountains In The Distance Triptych

The Triptych display method is one of the most striking ways to display a large photograph. Using 3 large frameless panels of a striking photo against a wall is beautiful in any setting. The space between the panels allows the triptych photo to blend seamlessly with the wall it is mounted on. A triptych photo display is by far one of the best display methods available today.

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