Tropical Beach Scene Master Bedroom

When decorating your home, often times the one room in the house that gets overlooked is the Master Bedroom. Instead the master bedroom becomes a place for clutter and mess as we scramble off to work in the morning and retreat to, exhausted at the end of the day. It is very easy to over look the room decor for the master bedroom as we are often just waking up or to tired at the end of a long day to think about room decor. So instead, we just close the door on our way to work, hiding the clutter and mess.

The good news is, with a little effort, your master bedroom could be the best room in the house. You can easily create your own personal sanctuary and retreat.

Think about what makes you happy? What place do you find most relaxing? How about a Tropical Beach Scene?

Oahu Palms Triptych

Creating a beautiful tropical beach scene retreat in your master bedroom is not a difficult task. If you can pull together one day on a weekend to paint your bedroom, you are more than half way there. A nice new coat of paint in a room goes a long way. Then simply pick out a tropical pattern comforter and maybe some window treatments. The finishing touch would be a nice piece of tropical art or a beach scene. In just a couple days you have created a room you will be proud to show off and a place to truly relax at the end of a long hard day.

As for picking wall art, one of the first thing that comes into my mind would be a tropical beach scene. A tranquil sea kissing the shores at sunset with a palm tree says it all. The wall art will create a focal point in the room. A large beach scene photograph will set the tone of the room immediately. One look and relaxation will begin. You can mount the photograph above the bed if your head board is not to large. You could also use some smaller prints of seashells, palm trees or fish scattered around the room to complete the theme.

A tropical Beach scene is a great master bedroom decor idea. It will provide beauty and grace to a very important personal space. Your master bedroom is a place where you should want to go to relax, recharge and wake up in a positive mood feeling good about your self.


Tropical Beach Scene Master Bedroom

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