Wall Art Decor For A Video Conference Room

Today, more and more businesses are trying to cut back on business expenses, especial travel. The traditional face to face business meeting is becoming a luxury instead of a necessity. Businesses are utilizing todays technology and holding video conferences. Jet setting between business meetings is becoming a thing of the past as more companies embrace high speed communication services like video conferencing.

Although this technology is a huge money saver for many companies, the ability to successfully integrate it into ones business practices presents some challenges. There are many technical challenges that are presented but these are easily addressed by the service providers technical staff. Other uncharted challenges include business protocols, expectations and just general etiquette of a video conference.

Another unique challenge for companies is designing your video conferencing room. The very room in which you will be hosting your conference is of great importance. Just because your conference room is a virtual space, (Meaning not everyone in the meeting is actually there) it is easy to overlook the importance of your surroundings. The color scheme, furnishings and general office decor have great effect upon who we are conferencing with.

At any meeting, you want everyone in your conference to be relaxed, focused and positive about your meeting. Your conference room can have great effect upon your meeting and your attendees. With this in mind, we have put together some simple suggestions on how to create a productive, stress free video conference environment.

One of the most important factors when setting up your video conference room is what will be the color scheme? You want your environment to promote productivity and focus in a relaxed atmosphere. You want colors that are easy on the eyes.

Neutral Colors

By using neutral colors, your conference room will project a sense of well being and calmness. It is important that everyone feels secure and not overwhelmed. Some good choices for wall colors would be neutrals like tan or Beige or subtle earth tones of olive or gray. These are all claming colors that are not overbearing.

I recommend these neutral colors over wall paper in that you are not dealing with any style issues that may arise in a few years with wall paper. If you want to add a little color, this is easy to do when picking out wall art for your video conference room.

Wall Art and decor is usually the last step of finishing any office environment. Your video conference room should posses art work that is tasteful, not overbearing and not too distracting. This doesn’t mean it has to be drab or boring, just not distracting from the point at hand.

The type of artwork that I believe works best is photographic wall art. Photographic wall art can create beauty and depth without being overbearing. A Beautiful Black and white photo print or 3 panel triptych photo can tell a story, looks clean and professional while not distracting your conference attendees.

Empire State Building

When choosing wall art for your video conference room you don’t want to be too bold with color, content or statement. Lets face it, when you conference with an outside client, your decor speaks of your companies taste and style.

Again, this is why I recommend Photographic Wall art. It is easy to find pieces that are aesthetically pleasing, the right color scheme and topic neutral. A beautiful Landscape Photograph, Nature Scene or Flower Print is not going to offend anyone. In fact a beautiful landscape, cityscape or beach scene photo will create a relaxed, focused environment at your meeting, helping to promote a positive productive conference experience for all.