What is Landscape Photography

Mount Everest Triptych

Landscape Photography aims to capture a view point of a space in the world. The space of a landscape photograph usually contains nature and makes up the senery. The main subject of landscape photography is scenery. The scenery of the landscape Photograph usually contains nature, land masses, mountains, land shapes, atmospheric conditions and water. Wild life and people are usually not included in a landscape photograph, although they are sometimes used to show scale. Sometimes scenes of man made structures, cities and seacoasts are termed landscape photography but are usually more acuratly classed as Cityscapes, City Skylines or Seascapes.

Landscape Photography is a sub-genre of Nature Photography and in most cases the subject of a landscape photography composition is a nature scene void of man and his affects on nature. If the photographer wishes to include man made influences such as a road or house surrounded by nature this would still be considered a landscape photograph.

Empire Sate Building

Urban Landscapes and Cityscapes are photos where the photographer has treated the man made buildings and structures like mountains and land masses. Often the point of these photographs are to show the beauty of the man made shapes or the affects of man upon his surroundings.

Landscape Photography is classed in three styles – Representational, Impressionistic and Abstract. For a full discription of these styles, see the post Landscape Photography Styles.

Landscape Photography Shop has a large collection of Representational landscape Photography. The pieces on our site are very realistic and representative of the scene that they are taken at. The purpose of our photographs are to bring the scenery of the world into the viewers home. All our photographs are displayed as 3 panel triptych wall art. We beleave the triptych format to be the best display method for landscapes, Seascapes, Nature, Cityscapes, Beach Scenes and all other forms of representative photography.


What is Landscape Photography

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